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Multi-purpose Operating Table JH-3008B(Head controlled) - Multi-purpose Operating Table - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Multi-purpose Operating Table JH-3008B(Head controlled)


This table is designed for surgical procedures of the head, neck, thorax and abdomen, and extremities as well as tor gynaecological, oto-thinolaryngological and orthopaedics operations. It can be raised or lowered hydraulically by means of an oil pump. Various positions can be controlled on the head.
Material: Ordinary carbon steel or Stainless steel


Length: 2040mm
Height: 8001040mm
Width: 480mm
Reversed Trendelenburg: 50
Trendelenburg: 30
Latera Tilt: 20
Head Section Raised from the Horizontal: 30
Head Section lowered from the Horizontal: 90
Back Section lowered From the Horizontal: 8
Back Section Raised From the Horizontal: 80
Leg section Lowered from the Horizontal: 90
Leg section Opened: 50
Kidney Bridge Elevation: 120mm
Lowered from the Horizontal: 90

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