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Electric Operating Table JHDS-2000H - Electric Operating Table - Taizhou Juhao Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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Electric Operating Table JHDS-2000H


JHDS-2000H Electric operating table consists of two parts: mechanical and electro-hydraulic control system, Table movements, roll, front, and back tilt, the backplane discount should be controlled by electric hydraulic systems, The operating table manipulated by buttons, Eccentricity column support with the help of C-arm the table can be transmitted X-ray in large areas, With the good performance, you will find it is a perfect operation equipment.


Length: 2100mm 
Width: 500mm
Max Height: 700-950mm
Adjust: 250mm
Reversed Trendelenburg: 20
Trendelenburg: 15
Latera Tilt: 15
Head section raised from the horizontal: 45
Head section lowered form the horizontal: 90
Back section raised form the horizontal: 75
Back section lowered for the horizontal: 5
Leg section lowered from the horizontal: 90
Leg section opened: 90

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